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Uzbekistan ignites, protests and kills civilians as well – the world

Uzbekistan ignites due to a wave of protests in the west of the country. Uzbek President, Shavkat MirziyoyevCasualties among civilians and law enforcement personnel were reported during protests in the autonomous region of Karakalpakstan, where massive unrest occurred in response to constitutional reform.

“Unfortunately, there Victims among civilians and law enforcement officersMirziyoyev said Sunday during a speech in Karakalpakstan broadcast by his press service on Telegram.

Yesterday, Uzbekistan issued a single decree Emergency A month in the western region, fierce protests erupted on Friday over proposed changes to the constitution that would weaken the prestige of the region. Since then, Mirziyoyev has vowed to withdraw the amendments affecting the region from the constitutional reform expected to be put to a referendum in the coming months.

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