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Trump: “Riprendiamoci l'America. Biden un disastro, ha umiliato Paese”

Usha, Trump: “We will take back the United States. Biden was a disaster, he insulted the country “

The first rally of the year for the Chancellor. In Arizona, in the presence of thousands of his supporters, he dictates taxes to Republicans in the run-up to midterm elections. Attack the president and the Democrats. Commenting on the attack on Capitol Hill, he said: “The January 6 protest was a protest against a corrupt election. The real uprising took place on November 3, election day. And he promises: “This is the beginning of a red wave: we will take back Congress and the White House in 2024.

“Let’s get America back”. At the first meeting of the year, Donald Trump Dictates the tax for the Republicans before the midterm elections. He does so in front of thousands of his supporters, from Florence, Arizona: the former president lost the state by a very small margin, and because the numbers were so high, an election was not accidental. In a few more days there will be no shortage of attacks on Joe Biden, who is in his first year at the White House, criticism of the 2020 election and references to the attack. Capitol Hill January 6, 2021.

“True Rebellion November 3, 2020”


Capitol Hill, an attack by Trump supporters a year ago

Trump spoke for about an hour and a half. “January 6 is a struggle against a corrupt election. The real uprising took place on November 3, “Election Day 2020”, why did not the Democrats investigate it? “The protesters who are now under investigation for their attack on Congress are described as” persecuted, “the Chancellor said. He criticized Republican opponent Liz Cheney, who sat on the commission of inquiry that day, and spread the assumption that the FBI was behind it. கிளர்ச்சி ..

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“Leave a catastrophe, he insulted the country”

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Attack January 6, Biden: “Attempt to break constitutional law”

However, harsh words came from Biden and the Democrats, who were increasingly driven by the “evil spirit of left-wing fascism.” “We knew Joe Biden was not going to be well, but some thought it would be a disaster. He insulted the country in the international arena,” Trump said amid applause from the audience, referring to the Russian president and the “disaster.” “No head has fallen for the country. Afghanistan,” Putin said, adding that “Putin is playing with the United States.”

“This is the beginning of a red wave”

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US election 2024, Hillary Clinton White House candidate possible

He added that Democrats are “incompetent and incompetent” and “destroying the country”: with their vaccine obligations, they “want to threaten us instead of allowing us to live again” and rob Americans of “dignity and freedom,” and try to turn America into a communist country. That’s enough, they want to leave our children alone. Take science lessons from a party that says men can be women and women can kill children after birth, “Trump said.” This is the beginning of a red wave: we will take back Congress. “We will hold China accountable for the virus and pay millions in compensation,” he added. Again: “After all that Fiden has done, the only thing we can do is make America better again.” Also, he concluded about the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sports: “We prohibit men from participating in sports for women. Enough is enough, if there is more”.

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