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Usage: Judge Jackson, I am the hope and dream of slaves – the world


“It took more than 230 years for the health of an African American woman to be confirmed in the Supreme Court, but we did. Good things can happen in this big country.” This was stated by Ketanji Brown Jackson at the White House with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to celebrate his assertion among American sages.

“They are the slaves’ dream and their hope,” said the judge in a sentimental speech. “My family went from apartheid to the Supreme Court within a generation,” said the judge, who had to boycott several times due to the chaos.

“The way has been cleared for me to be up to the occasion,” said Jackson, who then quoted poet Maya Angelou. “And now I do it by giving the gifts my grandparents gave me.”

“Today is a wonderful day, as we celebrate the first black woman on the Supreme Court, who will inspire generations to come,” said US Vice President Kamala Harris.

His anger on social media and anger over a video clip, which has been circulating in the past few hours, shows some senators walking out of the courtroom immediately after the historic confirmation of Justice Kitangi Brown Jackson before the Supreme Court. On Twitter, many emphasized the “bad character” of the old big party members who “hurriedly slipped,” while pointing to the fact that Mitt Romney kept standing to applaud. Romney is one of three Republican senators who voted for Jackson and US President Joe Biden thanked him for it. Another user wrote, “I hope the media will allow us to savor this moment without talking about the Republican senators who walked out of the room to show total disrespect.” Another wrote, “If any senator felt the need to get up and leave because of Judge Kitangi Brown Jackson’s assertion that he could do the American people a great service by never returning, that would be great.”

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