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Usage: Hurricane Henry Arrival and Central Park Party Evacuation – Past Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 – A concert in progress in Central Park has been halted due to worsening weather conditions over New York, linked to Hurricane Henry’s arrival on the northeastern coast of the United States.

A crowd of tens of thousands of people present at the event were invited to immediately leave the park and take cover by earning the nearest exit. Shortly before the concert began, Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency, but at the same time gave the green light to the event.

There was still more than two hours left until the end of the party, with performances by the most eagerly anticipated stars like Bruce Springsteen, when strong winds and torrential rain began to hit Manhattan. “Given the approaching deteriorating weather conditions, all event participants should calmly head towards the exit closest to them and exit the park,” a message from the NYPD, which, however, to avoid alarm and scenes of panic, assured that we did not face an emergency. “Please – Call Agents – Get help if needed by our staff.”

According to meteorologists, Category 1 Hurricane Henry should touch land within a few hours on the northeast coast between the New England region and Long Island, outside of New York. High alert, too, in Boston. (Dealing).

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