Sunday, July 21, 2024

USA, Trump: On the 15th of November I will make a huge announcement – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, November 7 – “I’m going to make a huge announcement on November 15 at Mar-a-Lago”: Donald Trump said at a rally in Ohio, his nomination for the White House again.

Hearing the crowd for about two hours, the billionaire once again showed a poll slip among potential Republican candidates for the White House giving him 71% to 10% of Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, followed by the former Rep. President Mike Pence at 7% and “Black Monster” Liz Cheney at 4% given the latter he said he didn’t believe in. “Four more years, four more years,” the crowd shouted.

“Animal”: So Trump singled out US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Ohio rally in favor of Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance on the eve of the midterm elections. “He fired me twice, for nothing,” the businessman added, as if to justify himself. (Dealing).

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