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USA: The Russians are in the swamp in Donbass.  But Chechen Kadyrov declares victories

USA: The Russians are in the swamp in Donbass. But Chechen Kadyrov declares victories

Nothing new in the East. The Russians did not advance in the Donbass. The so-called second phase of the Putinian offensive in eastern Ukraine, a Russian-speaking (but not necessarily) one that includes the Donetsk and Lukansk regions, has not yet led to significant and concrete promises. The facts say so. This was confirmed by US security sources, two senior officials who examined the military situation in that part of Ukraine, the first and most important target of the Russian military, told CNN. Well, there are attacks, but they seem like tests to test the strength of Ukrainian forces. However, without any progress on the part of Russia, the front lines remain stable.

Of course this is a still picture taken yesterday. The situation may change quickly, the Russians may raise the bar of attack, and quiet frequent storm rhymes. But of course this stalemate highlights the objective difficulties of the Russian military force on the 56th day of the occupation of Ukraine.

However, the first to disbelieve in the Donbass swamp was Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, who, in an exclusive interview with French news network PFM-TV yesterday, expressed all his concerns: “The Russians have not yet used all means. I can not guarantee today that it is already a full-scale offensive.In short, the Moscow army can only engage in rearranging troops in view of the final offensive that may come at any time.Yesterday the latest update of the British Ministry of Defense spoke of the continued increase of the Russian army on the eastern border of Ukraine, which indicates the intensification of fighting in the Donbass “Russian forces are trying to break through Ukrainian security.” , The significant success of embarrassing the defenders of nearby Chevrodonetsk, which became the administrative center of the Lukansk region under Ukrainian control after the fall of the capital of the same name in 2014 into the hands of separatists. .

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Of course, to the president-actor, the Russians showed no respect for the land they boasted of being liberators: “The Russians are advancing, they will not leave any city. They are not occupying these cities because there is nothing to occupy. And there are no buildings or occupants.” Very different picture from Vladimir Putin Yesterday, according to a BBC report, he spoke to a woman in the Crimea about Donbass’ “crime.” The purpose of this campaign is to help our people living in Donbass. In your life in Sevastopol, like you, we will continue to work to ensure that life gradually returns to normal and becomes better. A nature that appears decisively far east of Tonek.

However, the fact that even the Russian president is not happy with how the Donbass campaign has been conducted so far is shown by the heads that continue to fall on top of the military. Moscow has fired Major Igor Gornet “for past failures”, according to a Telegram report by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense (whose evidence in this case is questionable). He was arrested by the Russian FSB and is now being held at a center in Rostov-on-Don. The affair would have provoked a backlash in the security forces and the political leadership of the separatist republic, which could have explained the truth as the beginning of changes in the power structure.