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USA, Donald Trump’s tax returns revealed: He paid zero dollars in 2020


Donald Trump It stings $1.1 million Taxes during the first three years of his presidency America, between 2017 and 2019, but nothing was paid in 2020. Expressing it The New York Times Citing the data published by the Chamber Commission, it authorized the release of tax returns Principal. In the year of the pandemic, Trump reported a loss $4.8 million So no income tax is paid. The available data includes details of the former president’s federal tax returns from 2015 to the end of his term. White House. If they suffered a major decline at the start of his tenure, Trump’s fortunes jumped with gross earnings in 2018, according to the US newspaper. 24.3 million He almost paid for it 1 million Federal taxes. The explosion was mainly due to completed asset sales and investments. But in 2020, when the country collapsed from the impact of the pandemic COVID-19His finances suffered $4.8 million And zero income tax. Last night, the US House Oversight Committee voted to release Trump’s tax returns. All 24 are Democrats Ways and Means Committee They voted yes, while 16 Republicans said they were opposed.

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