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USA Between Midterms and White House, Biden Fly to Florida Against DeSantis: Dress Rehearsal 2024?

USA Between Midterms and White House, Biden Fly to Florida Against DeSantis: Dress Rehearsal 2024?

Biden vs DeSantis.

Democrat vs. Republican, left vs. right, past vs. future?
The question is fair, Opportunity is in Florida, RSVP November 1st.

Appointment in Fort Lauderdale, where the president flies to support “his” candidateCharlie Crist, One last face-to-face with the current governor.

Governor Ron DeSantisprecisely, His re-election is practically certain alreadyIn all polls, in all approval ratings, even outside their party’s sphere of influence.

Anti-Covid ChampionAs they call it here, for facing the challenge of the epidemic with an almost brazen attitude, not surrendering to closures and restrictions, naturally favored by a permanent summer climate, which is very mild.

But objectively brave, and Youngwith its suns 44 springs.

Interesting, obviously, not only in Florida and local orbitBut above all on a larger scale, on a future and national scale.

If DeSantis wins, and wins by a large percentage, he will defeat the ambitions of politically immortal Trump from the start and pave the way for the Republican ticket in the White House 2024 key. Take the key directly.

Biden knows this, and it’s no coincidence that he decides to enter the scene anywayDespite being well aware of the rare (very rare) possibility of Christ.

It does so because DeSantis must now be restrained in some way.

Now it does so because it needs to restart itselfIf you really want to choose in two years, try again.

An official announcement is expected by the end of winter, and the agenda is set for a few days in the meantime.

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The fair game The front of Hurricane Ian will end in a storm over the next few weeks. Biden and DeSantis face off in Florida.

In rehearsals that go beyond the boundaries of this state.
But it goes all the way to Washington.
Old, or new, in every corner of America.

(“Like hand and glove.” Joe Biden said of his work with Ron DeSantis to deal with the dramatic emergency of the recent Hurricane Ian. But politics calls, and the time for fair play is already over.)