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USA and Canada, a powerful wave of instant freezing, down to -45°C! Are there risks for Italy too? »

Weather: USA and Canada, powerful frost wave imminent, down to -45°C! Are there risks for Italy too?

A very severe cold wave is coming between the US and CanadaIn the coming days, many parts of the US and Canada will have to face new and more intense frost waves, which will drop the temperature to -45°C..

Although it may not be as intense an episode as it was in the days leading up to Christmas, The temperature However, they touch on more respectable values. Very low peaks, around -45°CThey can reach right in northern areas Canadians, Geographically very close to the Arctic Circle, this massive freeze wave will actually form.

Below freezing temperatures will be recorded in the central region where the peak is slightly below i -30°C Then it reaches the southern part where it descends towards i -15°C.

But the Big frost Affects that too America. In northern Canada, although it does not reach -45 ° C in the northern regions Minimum temperature can fall below the threshold of -30°C.

The map below shows thermal anomalies at an altitude of approximately 1500m. In areas colored in fuchsia, temperatures can average 20 degrees Celsius lower.Thermal contrasts between USA and Canada at 1500m altitudeThermal contrasts between USA and Canada at 1500m altitudeHaving said that, the question automatically arises; Will Italy be in danger? Well, right now we’re dealing with a cold air break-in in “our little way” that has nothing to do with what’s going on overseas, and, well, no direct connection. In fact, to tell the truth, our continent America has a vast anticyclonic area (Azores) that protects us from any threats from the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. In short, sleep tight…for now!

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