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Usa also rejected Republican Kevin McCarthy on the ninth ballot for House Speaker.

Usa also rejected Republican Kevin McCarthy on the ninth ballot for House Speaker.

Another black smoke, the ninth in a row. Not even a Republican this time Kevin McCarthy He secured the necessary votes to be elected Speaker from House of RepresentativesThe. There is nothing to do Ninth vote Despite more offers 20 Rebel Terrorists: In the last poll, the Republican Party lost one more vote and stood at odds 200. 20 rebels split their votes between the other two candidates. In the last 164 years, there has never been more than a ninth vote, the report said cnNo. Must be selected 218 preferences.

McCarthy appeared before the session began hope. “I think we are making progress. We are working together to reach a solution,” he told reporters after entering the House. Cnn. The Negotiations The session between the President’s entourage and the rebel delegation continued till earlier. Another one OfferAmerican media report on the possibility of further membership Freedom Caucus (Radical Conservative Parliamentary Subcommittee) to sit in a powerful place Regulatory Authority Chamber that decides the process of legislative initiatives. And McCarthy would have said he was ready To protect the vote in some Legal proposals Especially suited to Republican insurgents Limitation on Acts of Parliament And an extraordinary security plan border with Mexico Stop the influx of illegal immigrants. But all this is in vain. In the last few hours, approval Elon Musk: “Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker,” the president tweeted Tesla. Before Sixth vote The call came Donald Trump For the most militant rebel air. So, it’s still unclear how Republicans will be able to avert the impasse.

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and the President Joe Biden He said he would follow the Speaker election “very carefully”. He met the press at the end of the meeting Roosevelt Room from White HouseAs he announced new rules to curb illegal immigration from the Mexican border, the president was asked a question by a reporter as he and the vice president prepared to leave the hall. Kamala Harris. “I’m following well…” Biden said before turning to Harris with a smile. The Vice-President then suggested: “Attention”. So Biden finished the sentence, “… carefully,” before walking out of the room. The President had defined yesterday “Embarrassing” The Republicans’ deadlock was their inability to elect their Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy.