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USA, a historic storm is poised for Christmas only with blizzards and blizzard temperatures of -35°C; And in Italy? »

Weather: USA, a historic storm is poised for Christmas only with blizzards and blizzard temperatures of -35°C; And in Italy?

America’s Record Freezing StormA Extreme weather event About to hit North America: In America Actually one is ready”A historic storm” With temperatures as low as -35°C, it’s only snowing for Christmas. But will this epochal cold come to Italy too?

Let’s go in order. One of these days Freezing mass of air Descent from the North Pole decreases with latitude, significantly disrupting Canada’s weather and climate conditions. During the week of Christmas, this massive, frozen lake will pour decisively into the United States, investing entire states like Montana, Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and Minnesota, where temperatures will reach freezing temperatures. Values ​​range around -35°C In flat areas, even along Blizzards. The graph below shows the expected thermal anomaly with values ​​down to -20°C compared to the average (violet/pink): this is an exceptional ice wave with temperatures reaching the freezing bubble.Historic freeze wave in the USHistoric freeze wave in the US

This will trigger the hunger of a winter phase, which will intensify in many ways. According to National Weather Service, between Wednesday 21st and Saturday 24th December, maximum temperatures from north/west to east of the country will be well below average for the period. In Midwest Snow storms, with heavy thunderstorms expected, will inevitably have severe effects on air, rail and road connectivity.

By Christmas weekend Icy winds will also spread south, reaching states facing the Gulf of Mexico. Snow in Mississippi, Alabama, GeorgiaSometimes even Florida North. A historical event for these places that are used to a very different and almost tropical climate!

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White Christmas in New York. On Christmas Eve, cold cargo will easily cover the East Coast from Washington DC to Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia to Boston. For the delight of children and all snow lovers, A White Christmas, minimum temperature -15/-20°C In cities like Indianapolis (Indiana), Columbus (Ohio), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) and in New York down to -10°C.

And inside Italy? First, a necessary premise must be made: the structures about the North American continent have no effect on the expected time in Europe, we are far away, after all they are “local” dynamics, that is, they cannot be bothered with the whole. Hemisphere! Having said this, it seems that General Winter may raise his voice again The end of this strange 2022; Indeed, the cold wave coming down from Scandinavia cannot avoid having direct effects on many of our regions. Let’s talk about that again…