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US Supreme Court allows emergency abortion in Idaho – News


The Supreme Court has given the green light, at least for now, to emergency abortions in Idaho, which has one of the strictest abortion laws in America. With six votes in favor and three against, the arbiters accepted the Biden administration’s arguments, dismissed the case and reinstated a lower court ruling that blocked Idaho’s near-total abortion ban while the case moves through the various courts.

Biden reiterated, “The Supreme Court has ensured that women in Idaho get the emergency care they need. No one should have to leave their state to get the health care they need. This should not happen in America.” The abortion ban imposed in many states is “part of the extreme and dangerous Republican agenda to ban abortion nationwide. On the other hand, my administration is committed to defending” women.

The decision confirms the draft published “unintentionally” on the court’s website a few hours before the official announcement.

A controversial incident occurred on the eve of the debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, which, according to some observers, aims to “weaken” the Democrats’ theory of an overly conservative and extreme Supreme Court. In fact, the Elders decided with six votes in favor and three against, with conservative Amy Coney Barrett siding with the liberals. Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson noted that, in her opinion, the case should not have been dismissed. “This decision is not a victory for Idaho women. While this court and the country waits, pregnant women experiencing medical emergencies remain in a precarious position, with their doctors kept in the dark about what the law requires,” the judge wrote. Nominated by Joe Biden.

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The Supreme Court is about to close before summer recess and important decisions are still missing from the appeal, particularly the decision regarding Donald Trump’s immunity. June 28 was supposed to be the last day to announce the decisions, but the wise men indicated that they would also announce their rulings next Monday. Among the long-awaited and widely reported decisions is the one on opioids. In fact, the Elders blocked a $6 billion deal proposed by Purdue Pharma to compensate the families of OxyContin overdose victims and help address the opioid crisis in the United States in exchange for full protection of the Sacklers from future lawsuits.

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