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US presidential elections, Draghi to Yellen: Now the post-Biden era has “Obama’s” card


Nothing else is being talked about in America: Joe Biden’s withdrawal from the race for the White House could happen soon. According to our sources, it will be announced by the end of July. US Democrats are in turmoil. His administration is on alert. In this environment, Janet Yellen, the most powerful head of the economy, prepares the agenda for her trip to Italy in complete secrecy. However, he has made no secret of the fact that he has his eyes on Europe: yesterday he was on the phone for an hour with London, his colleague – and friend – Rachel Reeves, the former banker of England, appointed finance minister in the Labor government. By Keir Starmer. Yellen and Reeves have a mutual friend in Italy, Mario Draghi. The three are not limited to a few news items: the next few days will be useful for consultations that the US Treasury Undersecretary wants to hold in Europe.

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Something great is cooking. Yellen, the Obama family’s unofficial ambassador, is never idle. The Obamas, he and she, were called back into service by the severity of Joe Biden’s psychophysical condition. If Barack was Biden’s guarantor, he campaigned vigorously four years ago, and now it’s Michelle who is making a name for herself in Washington circles. She says she’s not interested, but what else can she say? No one reveals cards in advance. We await the Republican convention in mid-July before Democrats respond with a surprise move. Very few know about it. Among them, Janet Yellen. Here we return to Rome. Yellen will be there early next week for a closed-door meeting at the exclusive and highly secretive Aspen Institute Italia, which has its headquarters in Piazza Navona. While waiting for the Italian trip, one should take into account the meeting with Mario Draghi, who is close to the event, at his farmhouse in Citta della Pieve. An hour and a half drive from the capital.

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The Italian Aspen Institute is a central hub of Italian-American relations. Requisitioned in 1984 by then-Foreign Minister Gianni de Michelis, it was the first development of the most exclusive American executive club outside the United States. A few years later, a similar company opened in London and later in Berlin. On Tuesday, in the framework of a closed-door meeting in Aspen, we will officially talk about “Geoeconomics and Security in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.” Trade and Made-in-Italy Minister Adolfo Urso yesterday confirmed Tempo’s participation, but an unusual veil of mystery falls over other participants. All works will be in English. A race for the White House can only exist in informal conversations. But only Mario Draghi, a former Fed governor, could reveal the secrets Yellen kept in her papers. There is talk of a direct exchange with Kamala Harris, but Yellen will come to Rome, Michelle Obama. Or the full involvement of the Obama family anyway.

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An incident in the election campaign of the former DMK leader. Someone – overseas – has dusted off that Section 22 of the US Constitution should be read well. “No one shall be elected to the office of President more than twice.” Is the range of two terms continuous or complete? Judges ask themselves that. It is necessary to go through the difficult path of the Constitutional Court in Washington to resolve the dispute, but time is running out. Instead they all agree on one concept: no term limit for the vice president. So, Barack Obama can take second place, in this case not his wife — even omabases have their limits — but Kamala Harris. A man and a woman, politically correct and in a sense of safe second hand.

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