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US Open, Djokovic records ‘No Walks’ entry in US

Novak Djokovic is still booked for the US Open, which starts on August 29 But now the former world no Ineligible to enter the United States Beginning in October 2021, foreign nationals who have not received a full vaccination against Covid-19 are barred from entering the US national territory.

And Djokovic, as is known, is not vaccinated.

The reason his visa was revoked after two Appeal proceedings before the Australian OpenAnd why He missed the Masters 1000 at Indian Wells and Miami and Cincinnati between March and April. Last week. In addition to the Canadian Masters 1000 in Montreal, it has similar standards. The case involved fans and members of Congress who signed an online petition to exonerate him They sent a formal request to the Secretary of State to allow Djokovic to play in the US Open.

According to the signatories, the twenty-time Grand Slam champion’s presence at America’s most prestigious tennis tournament will be of national interest. They have actually pushed, so far without success, for the recognition of a “national interest exemption”. The The prevailing rules have also created controversy among playersBecause of the difference in treatment between unvaccinated US tennis players, able-bodied and unvaccinated foreigners were excluded.

According to Slam rules, players dThey have to withdraw from the competition within the specified time frameThis varies from match to match relative to the scheduled draw times of the scoreboards. The draw will take place in New York on Thursday. Djokovic can wait until the last minute. If the board is to be forfeited after the draw, but before the first day’s order of play is decided, the message The board needs to be replaced. (handle).

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