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US “nuclear-powered” aircraft carrier to train with South Korea, Japan


A nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier has arrived in South Korea to take part in joint military exercises with Japan. The South Korean Navy announced this in a statement, noting that the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt “arrived at Pusan ​​Naval Base on the morning of June 22.” The leaders of the United States, South Korea and Japan agreed to hold annual military exercises at a summit held last August. Earlier this month, the three countries’ defense chiefs announced new exercises aimed at sharpening their coordinated response in various domains, including air, sea and cyberspace. North Korea continues to denounce the joint exercises as a rehearsal for an invasion. The USS Theodore Roosevelt’s visit comes a day after Seoul summoned Russian Ambassador George Zinoviev to protest the accord reached this week between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Battle event. According to the agreement, Russia and North Korea have pledged to provide each other with immediate military assistance in the event of aggression.

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The South Korean government has denounced the strategic partnership agreement signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Wednesday, June 19, and will reconsider its stance on providing military aid to Ukraine. National Security Adviser Song Ho-jin made the announcement at a press conference, expressing “serious concern” over a clause in the agreement that would allow Moscow and Pyongyang to intervene in the defense of their ally in the event of an attack. Song recalled that any cooperation directly or indirectly supporting North Korean armed forces violates United Nations Security Council resolutions and is subject to investigations and sanctions. “We plan to revisit the issue of military support for Ukraine,” the senior Seoul official added. South Korea does not currently supply Kiev with lethal weapons. However, Tsang stressed that his government would maintain “strategic ambiguity” about the type of weapons sent to Ukraine.

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