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US, December leading indicator rises 0.8% - economy and finance

US, December leading indicator rises 0.8% – economy and finance

(Teleforza) – The US Super Index on Economic Conditions American. The Lead Indicator (LEI) is on a quota, as reported by the United States Convention Board 120.8 points in December, up 0.8% Compared to the previous month. This figure is in line with analysts’ expectations (0.8%) and compares with + 0.7% last month (revised from + 1.1%). Relevant component Current situation Was up 0.2% at 107.4 points Desirable future Was up 0.1% to 109.4 points.

“The US LEI has completed 2021 on an upward trajectory, which suggests that the economy will continue to expand until spring,” said Attaman Osildrim, senior director of the conference board’s economic research. In the first quarter, the headwind The Omigron variance, labor shortages and inflationary pressures and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike could slow economic growth.

“The Convention Board expects GDP growth to slow to a positive + 2.2% (on an annual basis) for the first quarter of 2022 – however. Throughout 2022, we expect the US economy to expand at a strong 3.5%, The pre-epidemic trend is more than development “.

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