Saturday, July 20, 2024

US, Biden’s rise in the polls: Why Trump is losing his head


Talk of head-to-head competition has been around for a long time. However, US President Joe Biden is ahead of his predecessor and Republican rival Donald Trump by two percentage points in a new national poll released yesterday by television broadcaster “Fox News” ahead of next November’s presidential election. An analysis of voting intentions covering 1,100 voters across the country has a margin of error of three percentage points, giving Biden 50 percent of the vote and Trump 48 percent.

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Taking independent candidates into account, Biden’s advantage over Trump narrowed to one percentage point: 43 percent to the Republican’s 42 percent. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gets the support of 10 percent of those interviewed. The poll, which may reflect the fallout from the president’s recent judicial conviction, gives the current occupant of the White House a nine percentage point advantage among independent voters.

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Meanwhile, the independent candidate for the White House, Robert F. One piece of data about Kennedy Jr.’s campaign that stands out is that he raised $2.6 million in May, according to documents provided to federal authorities. That’s far less than the number raised by Democratic and Republican presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who each received tens of millions of dollars in donations and contributions in May.


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