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Urgent revenue agency certified email: “We are forced to request payment” | It has already reached 3 million Italian


Beware of this fake email that could make you lose a lot of money. This is a phishing attempt

the Tricks Unfortunately, they are always around the corner and never leave us in peace. It is up to us to try to identify it and then prevent it. However, criminals periodically change their strategy to try to lure as many people into their trap as possible.

Business methods are among the most diverse and range from phone calls to letters and even… e-mail. However, the goal remains the same, which is to try to extort money from unsuspecting victims.

At this point, a confusing scam attempt that occurs through a confusing scam is very popular Beck Which, at first glance, appears to be affiliated with an important national body.

All that’s left is Go and find out all the details of the case So they can defend themselves in the event of a suspicious attack. Below are all the complete specifications with a picture to prove it all.

Details of harmful PEC

In practice we consider ourselvesRevenue Agency – Demanding payment of undue taxes in a very short time. All of this is done strictly in cryptocurrencies, which should really ring alarm bells.

All details are fine Read the email below. But it doesn’t end here. Fake phone calls from Italian and foreign numbers (eg with the prefix +44) could also be part of the sinister plan. However, a few details can help avoid the worst.

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Phishing emails (Source: Revenue Agency) –

How to detect these dangerous scams

Among these we can mention: Revenue agency logos (which are copied verbatim), falsified account statements and tax invoices, grammatical and punctuation errors and omissions in the text. Other obvious signs are threats of debt collection agency involvement or a sense of urgency with which payment is requested. For this reason, it is always a good idea to be very careful when reading this email.

It is always recommended to check carefully to avoid unpleasant situations. Oral speech Inform the police The main weapons to use remain, as well as not responding and banning those individuals who have nothing better to do than try to take money that honest people earn honestly. We must also remember that the Revenue Agency does not communicate in this way and it is natural for it to distance itself from all this.


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