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We are moving toward wider margins of maneuver for the bill of law and the budget law. The trend of higher-than-expected GDP should actually translate into additional resources available to the government, to the point where, according to the deputy prime minister,Antonio Tajani, the government is ready on Friday to put between 7 and 10 billion on the plate to give priority to “the sacrifices of families and companies”.. Calculations and evaluations are still in progress and the Ministry of Economy maintains the utmost confidentiality, but it is a circulating hypothesis A “treasury” of about 10 billion could increase the low deficit left by the Draghi government by at least 5 billion.

To certify the numbers will be Nadif was expected tomorrow, Friday, in the Council of Ministers. That the report on the budget adjustment, the first step towards a new aid package to protect families and businesses through the end of the year, should also be released. The preliminary estimate of third-quarter GDP (+0.5%) changes – for the better – the picture shown so far. Added to this is the good performance of public finances, with continued improvement in borrowing requirements (in the first 10 months to 56.5 billion) thanks to the good trend in value-added tax above all. The budget update, which the new executive must update with the programmatic framework, will at this point also adjust the trend forecast and the deficit could be revised down to 5.1% for 2022 (from 5.6% of the April budget). Which makes the treasury soar: Figures circulating indicate a split between 4.6% and 4.8%, which would open up space between about 15 and 19 billion.

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The ‘GDP effect’ will also affect maneuverability: if a large part of the resources are used in 2022 to finance the ‘four-way’ aid decree, the rest will be used for spending advances, thus leaving room for the budget law. In general, the maneuver should reach a mobilization point of about 40 billion, with a pony deficit that could be around 21 billion. The size of the “Treasury” will be in black and white in the report requesting Parliament’s authorization to amend the budget, and to approve it in close proximity to allow the use of new financial margins. The next step will be a new aid package, expected next week, with an extension through the end of the year for tax credits for energy-intensive businesses and the gasoline deduction. The intervention with the social bonus or the repetition of the one-time fee of 150 euros is still being studied, In addition to creating a six-month shield for those who cannot pay their bills. The new Nadef will also provide a preliminary outline of the maneuver, which will allocate three-quarters of the resources to the power pack.

“A little money will be used to cover the reductions in bills for those in difficulty,” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni reiterates.. For the rest, the Budget Code will intervene on pensions (all assumptions are on the table, from a bonus for staying in work for more than 63 years to a redesign – or even an extension – for 102) and on the wedge (giving continuity to the current two-point cutoff), with Launching a new cancellation process, possibly with a related tax invoice. The government had previously expressed its willingness to intervene in the files, despite the good results achieved so far with the compliance strategy. In line with the objectives of the poverty reduction programme, the reinforcement of letters of compliance sent to taxpayers to regularize their situation made it possible to raise 2.1 billion euros from the 2.45 that the plan estimated by the end of the year. In the key to the PNRR, the government will also have to unblock spending review that has remained at risk in relation to the targets, but given the gambit, there are also many other measures under consideration: from extending the flat tax to affirming fringe benefits, from reducing taxes on productivity bonuses to reviewing Excellent bonuses and citizenship income, with benefits limited to those who cannot work and training courses, Meloni emphasized, to others. The working coil is due to heat up soon, with the first grains already in the navigator knot. The first test will be on Friday with a meeting between the new Minister Marina Calderon and the social partners. The unions have already said that they will not be satisfied with dialogue: they want real negotiations.

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