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Nei prossimi giorni ancora ottobrata no-stop

Unusual heat in the coming days, we tell you now how long the Ottobrata-Bis »

Weather: Hot out of the ordinary in the coming days, we tell you now how long October-Pace will last

The next few days is still non-stop OctoberHot out of the ordinary! In the Coming days We will see Octobrata Bis, or a second, almost consecutive period, with abnormal temperatures, above average, after those we experienced in the first week of the month. Exceptional situation, October was never suggested to us before Two heat waves in the off season: However, thanks to the latest updates, today we can tell you how long this situation will last.

It will be very hot during the week: the temperature is expected to reach at least 30°C Sardiniabut in the more remote areas of the island, it is not even excluded that they can bypass it 32/33°C! to me South We will get close to 27/28 °Cbut also in the middle and north there will be values ​​much higher than the average, at least 25/26 °C is expected. So it seems clear that our climate is far from its normal standards.
On the other hand, a strong anticyclone African looms, which provides strong protection for our country against both the Atlantic turbulence and cold volcanic eruptions from Northern Europe, thus maintaining a decidedly warm climate for this period.

But what will happen next in the next few days? At least the anti-cyclone structure in sub-Saharan Africa will remain stable for our country Until Wednesday 19, dispensed with stable days on the whole and still too hot for the calendar. The only exception would be a further increase in the risk of fog or fog During the night and early morning on the Po Valley and in some internal sections of the center. For the rest, it looks like it’s still summer.

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Our attention instead focuses on what might happen from midweek onwards and precisely from Thursday 20 When from the UK will go down to the Iberian peninsula a cyclonic vortex Then he is set to become the architect of change in our country who is expected to leave From Friday 21 when the rains can return to the north.
Instead, the situation will remain the same in the rest of the country, as the African anticyclone will continue to dominate, ensuring largely stable and sunny weather, with temperatures well above seasonal averages.

Given the distance in the forecast, it is not possible to go into much detail, but if all this is confirmed, then the picture of warm stability for these days should undergo a deterioration at the end of the month, and then leave room for a phase with purely autumnal characteristics. We will see if the upcoming updates from computing centers will come as confirmations or denials in this regard.
At the moment, space forOttobrata Bis!