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Unprecedented Horror - Libero Quotidiano

Unprecedented Horror – Libero Quotidiano

two women, Kaelyn Schulte 24 and Crystal Turner Out of 38, they were found dead in a camp in Moab desert, in heart Utah more brutal. The news story shocked the United States. After making friends and relatives lost their communication, the alarm went off. The two married women were spending their summer vacation in the mountains the salt, in the province of San JuanIn the name of adventure and life surrounded by nature. But the horror lurked.

In their recent letters to acquaintances, the two victims reported seeing A “A scary man They walk around the parking lot near where they camped. Appearance disturbing to the point of acknowledgment of ‘fear’ and ‘disorder’. Despite everything, the couple continued their vacation in those remote places. Their bodies were found in the carriage parked in an isolated area.

The girls were shot, and now the friends are denounced: “They said they were going away, they would pack their bags and move the camp site because this guy was scaring them.” In an interview with the local press, relatives emphasized how the more mature Kaelen and Krystal were “girls who used to live in a pram independently and were very self-confident. And wandering around must have been very troublesome.” However, there is a risk that the girls themselves may have underestimated them, believing that it is not necessary to alert the local police.