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Unmasked lady, the uncomfortable phone call comes

Unmasked lady, the uncomfortable phone call comes

To men and women the Lady of the Throne was revealed above. A phone call was made to her during the course of the episode.

men and women He’s back on the Italians’ small screen for this week’s latest appointment. Obviously, needless to say, we continue with Trono Over.

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At the heart of the study there Armando Encarnato And in front of him is Marika and Jessica. The latter still did not want to go out with him. He claims that he is neither physically nor mentally attracted to him, but he insists to the contrary. But for Marika, the situation has changed. As for the study center, it decreases Ida Platano Which reveals that she listened to a phone call from her with her mother, in which she confirmed that she was more interested in appearing than the knights and painted Armando as an ugly person, and also criticized the lady. Moreover, the production is betting on her with everything

It’s obvious that she’s in denial and wants to keep getting to know Enkernato, but he found her wrong and inconsistent Preferably cut everything. Ida also takes advantage of this moment to argue with her Marcelo, who gave Marika her own number after completing her acquaintance.

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Roberta makes Luca jealous of men and women: Tommaso arrives

Move to classic throne NS Maria brings down Roberta. The latter comes with Luca and TommasoNew guy. They explained the former, because he did not take Samuel’s entry well into the scene, and decided to send her flowers. Maria plays some sweet voice which I sent to the editorial staff to be able to surprise her.

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This moment manages to capture a smile from everyone present in the studio and then we walk out with Tommaso, who is determined by Roberta”A slap does not inspire confidence‘, but at the same time she is curious to know him. External things are good, but Luca can’t help but hide his jealousy and he is right because when Maria asks whom she is dancing with, she responds with the newcomer.

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At this point, he intervenes Gabrio, fiancé of Andrea Nicholl, who has not yet understood Roberta’s statement from the last episode, in which she confirmed that she does not particularly trust him. Gabrio wants to know if in her opinion, given that she has chosen Tommaso, if she is also a source of confidence in others and answered by saying that it is not a question you should ask her but to the suitors. Roberta repeats that she did not give him anythingUntrustworthy At the moment, however, he does not feel unbalanced in his goodwill. Moreover Alessandro She intervened to talk with Andrea Nicholl, because she found an old interview in which she announced that she wanted to work with social networks, she received a degree in communication, which is why she could not trust him.

tronista also specified that she had done a search of all the suitors, but only found something on him. That’s why he also started looking for his classmates and found an old woman cyprien interview in which he declares the exact same things.

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The specific one who is not an attack on his mate, but rather a clarification against the tronista. Cibrian defends himself by simply saying that he has answered a question, and repeating who did some popularity He should also use it to set a good example and inspire others. Gianni Spierti does not believe in his good intentions, explaining that every time he speaks or defends himself, he does not speak with Andrea, but addresses the audience and the cameras.