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University of Idaho Mystery: 4 Dead Boys, 1 Lead and 80 Detectives Deployed to Solve the Crime That Keeps Everyone in Suspense

University of Idaho Mystery: 4 Dead Boys, 1 Lead and 80 Detectives Deployed to Solve the Crime That Keeps Everyone in Suspense

It looks like a smooth yellow from the college’s Idaho. 13 last November Four students were stabbed in their rooms Rented house for university attendance in Moscow. Ago No one has been arrestedThus, there is still no justice for the victims. The only driver in the hands of the police is a white car which is observed near House of horrors. At first it was thought that the The crime of passion This track was then shelved. I’m investigating what happened 6 local and 13 state investigators and 62 FBI agents. On the other hand, $1 million is the amount invested by the governor of Idaho in the investigation.

Investigations (also) on social media – However, at the same time, another trend took off, namely the polls that you conduct yourself on social networks, as well as on Reddit and YouTube. However, as it is easy to understand, things easily get out of control. This is the case of Ashley Gillard, who On TikTok, a college history professor has been accused of masterminding the murders because she was romantically involved with one of the victims. Ashley has been sued by the professor for defamation, who also bases her accusations on a tarot card reading. When you say the scientific method.

the crime – But what is known about this ugly story? The murders occurred between three and four in the morning. The victims returned home around 1.45. Madison Mugen and Kylie Goncalves, in their early 20s, were filmed by a shop camera escorted by a boy in the direction of a truck bar where they ordered a portion of pasta before catching a taxi for home. Instead, the other two victims, Zhanna Kernodel and Ethan Chapin, were spending the evening at a student fraternity school. The murders took place in different rooms: on the second and third floors of the house in question. Around noon, one of his fellow survivors on the ground floor alerted the police.

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hint – The only evidence that has emerged so far appeared a few weeks ago. On the night of the tragedy there were complaints of noises coming from a house across the street. A white Hyundai Elantra can be seen from the body camera check of the policeman who went on a trip to check the situation. It is not yet clear if this could be the car of those who committed the murders, but the police are certain that whoever was on board owned it. “sensitive information”. The only certain thing, for now, is that the families affected by the tragedy have just spent their first Christmas without their loved ones, and justice is still a long way off.