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The United States increases the minimum guaranteed ultra broadband

United States Increases Guaranteed Minimum Ultra-Broadband

The chairman of the FCC said: Jessica Rosenworcel, the current standard of 25Mbps download speed and 3Mbps upload speed set in 2015 is insufficient to support the applications Americans need for work, entertainment and daily life. As a result, the latter issued a “Notice of Inquiry” to initiate the FCC’s annual assessment of the state of broadband. The notification proposes to raise the minimum standard 100 Mbps upload speed and 20 Mbps download speedwith the aim of achieving 1 Gbps and 500 Mbps in future.

These are the words of Rosenworcel:

Internet users’ needs have long since outpaced the FCC’s 25/3 speed metric, especially during a global health pandemic that has moved life online. The 25/3 metric is not only timely, but also harmful because it hides the extent to which low-income neighborhoods and rural communities are left behind and offline. That’s why we need to raise the standard for minimum broadband speeds now, while aiming even higher for the future, why set big goals if everyone, everywhere, wants to have a fair chance of success in the 21st century. .

In the UK, every home and business is legally entitled to a “decent” connection with at least 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds as part of the Universal Service Obligation (USO). Many are speeding up much faster than this, while the government plans to revise the minimum standards over time. We will see if America can guarantee high connectivity standards for its citizens and what the evolutions will be for our country.

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