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United States, Democrats win Georgia’s Senate seat – North America

Joe Biden’s party won a new seat in the US Senate, with the victory of Democrat Raphael Warnock in Georgia. Republican incumbent Senator Herschel Walker, stepson of former US President Donald Trump, was defeated. The victory confirms the narrow Democratic majority in the upper house of Congress.
Biden, who was supposed to suffer a severe defeat in the midterm elections, came out stronger from this election round. The US President had shown great confidence a few minutes before the results were announced. “We will win and we will win in Georgia,” he told reporters.
This victory does not change the balance of power in the US Congress: Democrats are already keen to maintain control of the Senate after the first round of legislative elections in November. Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, but with a much smaller majority than expected. But this new seat gives more freedom to Biden’s party, which has been ruling with a very narrow majority for two years: 50 seats out of 100. It will allow him, among other things, to exercise greater influence in key parliamentary committees. And it would significantly limit the influence of moderate Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, a grave runner on several key Biden administration projects. With that seat, Republicans hoped their turn would secure broader banning powers for Biden’s policies.

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