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United Kingdom, Supreme Court: «The treatment of EU citizens is illegal»

United Kingdom, Supreme Court: «The treatment of EU citizens is illegal»

Millions of Europeans – and hundreds of thousands of Italians – risk becoming illegal immigrants in Great Britain because of the rules imposed by the government after Brexit. For this reason, the British High Court has defined the treatment of EU citizens as “unlawful”. “A large number of people are faced with complete uncertainty,” the ruling explains.

After the UK left the European Union, London required those who had lived, worked or studied in the country for more than five years to apply for “settled status,” or the right to permanent residence, which was granted after necessary checks in the vast majority of cases.

illegal system

Those who had been in Great Britain for less than five years could only obtain ‘pre-settlement status’, which allowed them to stay temporarily but forced them to apply for permanent residence at the end of the five years of residence.

Those over 2.7 million people with ‘settled status’, for any reason, who fail to provide the necessary documentation on time automatically risk losing their right to residency and therefore their right to work and health care, becoming illegal immigrants at risk of deportation. without appeal. The system does not grant the right to apply late.

For this reason, the Independent Monitoring Authority (IMA), a post-Brexit body set up to defend the rights of EU citizens, has sued. Today, the Supreme Court’s ruling was very clear: the system is “legally wrong and therefore illegal, as it aims to eliminate the right to permanent residence.”

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