Saturday, July 20, 2024

United Kingdom 2024 General Election Full Results


UK election results for 4 July 2024. As of polls close, updated in real time.

This page provides a detailed and interactive look at electoral data, allowing you to see how different parties are performing. With our updated charts, users can explore electoral dynamics, compare results with forecasts, and analyze emerging trends.

Voting in brief

Voting Results: Parties and Percentages

The chart below shows the percentage of votes each party received in the legislative elections. It is important to note that seats are not allocated in proportion to the total votes, but rather through 650 single-member constituencies.

Compared to previous elections

The graph below shows a comparison with the results of previous legislative elections. This allows us to observe changes in electoral support for each party compared to previous elections.

New House of Commons

The chart below gives a clear picture of the current distribution of seats in the House of Commons.

Bicycle: Mimics the majority

The interactive bicycle chart below allows you to simulate a potential parliamentary majority. It allows for a careful analysis of alliances and any coalitions needed to govern.

Surveys: Evolution of recent months

The chart below shows the evolution of opinion polls for the main parties in the weeks leading up to the election. Labour maintained a steady lead, placing itself ahead of the other main parties. This section allows us to see how voting intentions have changed over time, and provides a perspective on pre-election dynamics.


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