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Unipol, Swap on Bper Interesting Investment Opportunity – Breaking News


The move by Unipol Group, which through its subsidiary UnipolSai has built a long position on Bper through a “share swap” of 4.77% of Emilian Bank’s capital, is interpreted by the company as “an interesting investment opportunity, given the overall return (total return) outlook for Bper stock.”

This is evident from the declarations of intent that Unipol must follow after exceeding 20% ​​of Pepper’s capital.

The exceeding of the relevant limit of 20% of Bper’s capital, as reconstructed in Unipol’s declaration of intent, occurred after the signing, on June 21, of a derivative contract of the type of share swap with settlement exclusively in cash between the subsidiary UnipolSai and the main operator.

The “maximum expiration” of the contract, which includes approximately 4.77% of Bper’s capital, is set for February 25, 2028, with a timeframe that appears to cover the entire duration of the industrial plan set by new CEO Franco Gianni. It is being developed by Baba and will be presented in October.

The operation, which brought Unipol’s total shareholding to 24.62% of Bper, was financed by UnipolSai using available cash resources. In the next six months, Unipol Gruppo does not intend to acquire more Bper shares, nor to exercise control, even de facto, over the bank, just as it does not intend to proceed with the merger or abolition of the board of directors that it recently helped to appoint.

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