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Unemployment benefit is due to a prisoner who works in prison

Unemployment benefit is due to a prisoner who works in prison

AGI Unemployment also goes back to the inmates who work inside the prison. This was established by a ruling by the Milan Labor Court which ruled that INPS should pay Naspi, the Social Security Corporation’s benefit for those who lost a job, to a former prisoner who had implemented it. For nearly two years thereWith delivery function and Account management And as a cook.

For the guarantor “it’s a sentence that clarifies”

“It is a very important decision – comments on AGI Francesco Maesto Guarantor of the rights of people deprived of their liberty in the Municipality of Milan – because many people have been deprived of this basic income support after a circular from the Department of Prison Administration, then approved by INPS in March 2019. Now it is over Clarity at last In an imperative point: the prisoner must be guaranteed the same economic and social security treatment that free citizens are entitled to, and this right cannot be hidden. with “silhouette” Prison work falls within the scope of other “recreational” activities that take place inside the prison. Business is business for everyone.” The relationship between the man and the prison administration stopped only for the “end of the sentence”, after which the ex-prisoner applied for compensation in appearance, Paychecks on hand, that the presented activity was continuing.

Reference to the constitution

In the ruling, Judge Luigi Pazenza referred to the principle that “employment in prison does not permit the introduction of differentiated treatment between prisoners and other citizens in the field of unemployment insurance,” citing the following: Articles 35 and 3 of the constitution in job protection and offender re-education. In essence, it is the judge’s summary, “There can be no grounds for excluding the right to Naspi if all the conditions stipulated in the specific legislation are met and there are no differences between acts of imprisonment carried out within the Ministry and those rendered abroad in favor of a third party.”

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