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Unemployment and virus allowance for 17 non-EU citizens but the company does not exist - AbruzzoLive

Unemployment and virus allowance for 17 non-EU citizens but the company does not exist – AbruzzoLive

Avisano. The financiers of Avezzano, together with INPS employees, concluded an activity of the Judicial Police, authorized by the Public Prosecutor General of Avezzano, Maurizio Maria Cerrato, on the unjustified perception of compensation and other benefits related to loaned working days in the agricultural sector.
In particular, through documentary examination and enforcement of personnel documents, it was possible to reconstruct the services provided by the Social Security Authority, which the same people unnecessarily received.
In fact, a noticeable deficiency has been found in the specific requirements of the company with regard to staffing in relation to land expansion and non-existent production.
Thus, in the period from May 2019 to September 2020, fictitious labor relations appeared – equivalent to 2,377 working days – aimed at obtaining social security coverage and / or non-essential assistance services towards 17 non-EU citizens.
The latter and the owner of the company were therefore referred to the judicial authority for the crime of gross fraud for the realization of public funds aimed at obtaining undue public financing, by means of income support benefits of more than 40 thousand euros, in connection with unemployment. Agricultural subsidy, Covid-19 allowance and maternity allowance.
The operations of the terminated service are part of the set of activities and initiatives that the Guardia di Finanza, in Avezzano, under the orders of Captain Luigi Falce, continues to implement in connection with the epidemiological emergencies covid 19 to protect work on the control, in particular, the most dangerous forms of exploitation at the expense of employees, especially those who They find themselves in situations of vulnerability or special need and for the protection of entrepreneurs who respect the rules.

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