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Under 23 World Championships: 4 medals for the University of Turin Sports Center

Under 23 World Championships: 4 medals for the University of Turin Sports Center

The U-23 Rowing World Championships was held last weekend in Varese. The athletes of the Sports Center of the University of Turin won 4 medals: 2 gold and 2 silver. The goal of the year was the Varese World Championships. The boys at the University of Turin Sports Center gave all the flexibility and motivation to carry out their sports and university project, and the work paid off.

Below are the athletes who won a medal.

Matteo Tonelli (Political and Social Sciences, University of Turin – Atleta Projeto Agon) – 4 PL Golden Oars: Participated in the World Championships as a top of four lightweight weightlifters and arguably led his crew to a stratospheric victory, immediately in the lead from the start did not run away to his opponents, either For the gap that occurred and because he won by setting a new world record.
Leonardo Tidoldi (Aeronautical Engineering, Politecnico di Torino – AGON Project Athlete) – GOLD 4 pair: has been part of the Olympic squad since the start of the Under 23 Rally; He won the world championship in quad boat racing, an Olympic discipline. The grit and strength that was put in were from a large crew, and not every attack from the opponents succeeded. The race was very difficult with the Germans who followed the athletes from the Italian crew to the last meter, but the victory was for Italy and Leonardo!

Khadija Al-Ajdi Al-Idrisi (Nursing Sciences, University of Turin – Athlete Progetto AGON) – SILVER 4: Athlete was born at CUS in Turin, in her seventh world championship, is the captain of the women’s team, and is about to graduate. In her final age under 23, she finished second in four, behind Australia who won a new world record. A very tough race to the finish, with the Italians beating the US in the last 500m and winning an impressive silver medal.

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Alessandra Faella (Polytechnic of Naples)) – SILVER 4 with: This year, in addition to the school exams, she received a Federal Level 1 teacher’s license; Now a trainer on the boat, Khadija and her companions persistently guided Khadija and her comrades as a helm to second place in the world, which earned her an invitation to participate in the upcoming European Absolute Championship.

Lucrezia Baudino (Nursing Science, University of Turin – AGON Project Athlete) – 5th place in the 8+: won 5th place in a challenging competition; Only the US crew was really superior, the Italians always competed in attack and remained at the level of the other opponents, and one second separated them from the bronze medal. One of the top eight women’s Under-23s in recent years hasn’t been enough to get them onto the podium, but the girls are still in the same category and they will be able to try again next year.

These are the words of technical director Mauro Tontodonati: “It has been an intense year in terms of the number of competitions and the level our athletes have reached; I am very satisfied with the results that inevitably open the way to new goals, as always, with our feet on the ground and the humility that characterizes us. You must be Study and sports are an inextricable combination of these excellent kids and they always encourage me to do their best.I thank President D’Elicio for the support and trust he has shown us which has led us to these results and to become a rowing college for the Italian Rowing Federation.Finally, I thank all the collaborators who work in the department daily to implement all our projects with passion.”

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“These young athletes have achieved an excellent result – stated the President of the Sports Center of the University of Turin Ricardo Delicio – and this is also thanks to the AGON project and Dual Career, which allowed them to continue studying while playing sports at the highest level. The Sports Center of the University of Turin houses athletes with a competitive reputation High and they will be ambassadors from now until 2025, on the occasion of the World University Winter Games, for the model we have been setting out for years nationally and internationally.”

Erica Gandini – CUS Press Office in Turin