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Umberto Smaile to Today Another Day: “Life?  I'm in the bass now, and the music is my comfort"

Umberto Smaile to Today Another Day: “Life? I’m in the bass now, and the music is my comfort”

Umberto SmileyGuest Today is another day Give Serena Burton, chronicles his life through a career in music and in the entertainment world. Great emotion when the wife and children intervene. Smaila marked 1980s television with broadcasts such as Colpo Grosso and attracted the attention of the world’s powerful. The above story is individual Diego Apatantono.

Umberto Smaila From today is another day

“We hired Diego as a driver, but he didn’t have a license and he kept saying ‘I’m doing a driving school.’ I was driving and because we were overweight he was next to us. We were up front and the others broke. He also had to work as a light technician, which is why We set him,” he says of Diego Abantono.

Humberto Smila Today is another day Smaila was introduced to important artists also in the US and Anna Oxa’s success “It’s Every Moment” wrote Anna Oxa’s hit It’s Every Moment: “This song to the beat is made for Anna Oxa. All talent competitions have always put this song as a testing ground. Culpo Grosso has attracted the attention of the powerful in the world.” He adds in “Colpo grosso,” whom Burton defines as “sexist”: “It was a breakup program with many nostalgia. They told me they made a phone card with my face and the girls. Finally, he tells us Ismail Kaif has always reinvented himself over the years: “There are ups and downs in life. Now I’m in the bass because it’s bad for our entertainment sector, I’ve found solace in music.”

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