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Ukraine: Tagani, new weapons?  First we go to “Rooms – Policy”

Ukraine: Tagani, new weapons? First we go to “Rooms – Policy”

“The sixth defense package has not yet been completed, as expected, there will be no information transmission before that to Parliament. We are also discussing with the French to master from a technical point of view sending air defense systems based on joint technologies between Rome and Paris.” Accordingly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister, Anthony Tajani talks about aid to Ukraine in an interview with Corriere della Sera; “The talks with Washington are continuing and normal, we are an important interlocutor, but there was no talk of weapons,” he confirmed after the phone call from the US security advisor.

According to Farnesina’s head, “we must continue to work for peace,” but there are indications that do not allow us to be optimistic: “There are no real manifestations of openness on the Russian side at the moment.”
In the interview, Tajani also responds to politics, about the dialogue between the conservatives and the European People’s Party in view of the Europeans in the coming year: “Certainly there could be an alliance, perhaps extending to the liberals – he emphasizes – which is what led to my election to the presidency of the European Parliament in 2017 We are talking about something that has already been strengthened.” “In any case, we will be the driving force for an alternative coalition of the left,” he adds. The only party in Italy? He replies: “It is an idea for the future, not for tomorrow morning”: “Berlusconi is a forward-looking idea that must be built through dialogue and without prejudices.” In his opinion, “it will be the ideal tool for consolidating the cooperation that has been going on for many years.”

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