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Ukraine, latest news.  Zhelensky will speak via video conference at the NATO summit

Ukraine, latest news. Zhelensky will speak via video conference at the NATO summit


The Ukrainian crisis has gripped the majority of Draghi, and a new summit is planned today. The government is seeking a shortcut agreement on sending arms to Kiev, one of the most sensitive issues. After calling for greater support in Kiev, President Zhelensky will speak at a video conference in NATO, while the total number of Ukrainian civilians detained in Russian prisons is increasing: Kiev officials estimate at least 1,500.

Ukraine: Meeting until the evening but no agreement has been reached yet
  • The European Union is allocating $ 600 million to combat the food security crisis

    The European Union (EU) today approved a plan to raise € 600 million from the European Development Fund’s reserves to address the current food security crisis exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The fund will support African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. “Russia’s occupation is taking a drastic and meaningless toll not only on the Ukrainian people, but also on the most vulnerable people around the world. Russia is still blocking millions of tons of grain,” EU Commission President Ursula van der Leyen announced in the new aid.

  • Finland is unlikely to be right ahead of the Madrid summit

    There is “progress, negotiations are open” with Turkey and an agreement to pursue them. There was not much progress in yesterday’s meeting but we are satisfied that the discussion is open. It is difficult to reach an agreement before the Madrid summit, but now we have hope because the conflict is serious. This was stated by the President of Finland Sauli Ninisto during a press conference with the President of the European Parliament Roberto Metzola from Helsinki.

    For more information / Finland and Sweden, NATO access procedure

  • The Kremlin in Ukraine will be a protracted crisis

    “It will be a protracted crisis in Ukraine,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the American television channel MSNBC, according to the Russian company Interfax. In the midst of this crisis, the West has expressed its genuine attitude towards Russia, “we will never trust the West again,” he added.

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