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UK Surprising Polls After Liz Truss Economic Disaster

UK Surprising Polls After Liz Truss Economic Disaster

According to a poll published on Thursday, Britain’s Labor Party has overtaken Prime Minister Liz Truss’ Conservative Party by 33 percentage points in the voter consensus: Labor would be 54 percent and the Conservatives 21. At the same time, the gap between the two parties was the highest since the end of the 1990s.

The survey was conducted by YouGov, one of the UK’s most respected institutes, and while the others were a little less optimistic (another survey by Survation gives employment 21 points ahead), they all attest that in recent days we’ve had a breakdown in Conservative consensus and an increase in Labor Led by Keir Starmer. Labor was ahead first in the polls, but the gap widened as a result Economic disasters caused by Prime Minister Truss’ recent tax proposals.

Last weekend, Truss, together with Economy Minister Kwasi Koarting, announced his intention to increase the public debt to finance a major tax cut plan that would benefit the rich above all, at a very sensitive time for the global economy: the plan was criticized at the political level , but above all it was judged irresponsible and financially dangerous.

The announcement disturbed the markets so much that the value of the pound It collapsed to an all-time lowThe start of a very serious crisis for the British economy: the International Monetary Fund He criticized the Truss governmentthe Bank of England forced To put in place exceptional measures to protect the economy.

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The sudden and extremely acute crisis in the markets was accompanied almost immediately by a collapse in support for Truss’ conservative party. Labor’s preference was also an appreciative speech by Starmer at the party conference, which was considered a success and took place precisely in the days when the government was in great difficulty.

While opinion polls are an important signal, they are unlikely to have immediate political consequences. The next general election in the UK is elusive, scheduled for late 2024 to early 2025.

Moreover, the Conservatives in Parliament have a very large majority, and the Labor Party does not have sufficient numbers to overthrow the government. There is a possibility that a new crisis will erupt within the Conservative Party like the one it created When Boris Johnson resignsbut it is still a long way off: Truss cannot be frustrated for another year, and even if he resigns, the Conservatives will always choose the next prime minister.

Despite this, many analysts believe these polls (which were good for Labor by the end of 2021) are a sign of how ready the UK might be for a change of government, after the Conservative Party has been in power continuously for 12 years.