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UK, appeal against sending migrants to Rwanda rejected: first flights departing

UK, appeal against sending migrants to Rwanda rejected: first flights departing

The first flights of the plan were agreed upon between the government of Boris Johnson and that from Rwanda To transfer part of the illegal immigrants to the African country United kingdom. The Court of Appeal ruled on this matter, reiterating the consent that had already been expressed in the Court of First Instance. The latest appeal submitted by human rights protection organizations with the support ofUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The hotly contested agreement between the two countries requires migrants to remain in Rwanda and seek asylum there.

The departure of the first plane – with about ten people on board – was mentioned in BC, scheduled for Tuesday, June 14. According to the Supreme Court, it is in the “general interest” of the government to implement its policies. Filippo GrandiThe United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees expressed his disappointment during a press conference Geneva: “This deal doesn’t work at all for a few different reasons.” And so the British government hopes to discourage asylum seekers from crossing the border how muchand thus targeting human traffickers. Then go Care4CalaisHowever, he described the program as “cruel and barbaric”.

Johnson’s policy is that once migrants arrive in Rwanda, migrants receive housing and support while they wait for their asylum application to be considered by the local government. Those who are accepted may stay within the country up to a maximum five yearsAnyone who is rejected will be able to try other methods, but they will run the risk of getting kicked out in any case.

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