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UISP - Bologna - Improving skills in sport for development

UISP – Bologna – Improving skills in sport for development

Improving skills in sports for development

The Change Project is coming to an end, promoting skills affirmation and education in social sport and for all

On September 17, partners European Change Project: In addition to Uisp, the partners are the European Observatory for Sport and Employment (EOSE); International Sports and Culture Association (ISCA); University of Cassino and Southern Lazio; Leeds Beckett University; Sports Secretariat, Greece, Slovenian Sports Federation; Street games women win. The meeting had several objectives: setting the date and modalities for the final project conference; Finalization of new professional standards for sports sector operators for detailed development with the project; To move forward with work towards realization of the training manual and output sustainability planning.

The project will end in December and a set of indispensable products for Support affirmation of skills and education in social sports and for all. On the occasion of the meeting, the date and title of the final project conference were determined: the international event will be held, in the form of a webinar Wednesday 24 November Starting at 10 o’clock it will enhance knowledge of the skills and competencies of social sports operators. Several speakers will present current issues in skill development and education in the field, with sessions dedicated to products implemented by the Change Project in recent months, including a document outlining occupational standards and a relevant training manual.

A comprehensive consultation process on the draft professional standards took place over the summer, which resulted in a wide range of valuable feedback and suggestions from the world of sport to development practitioners in 23 countries. During the September meeting, the partners discussed some key points and suggestions for improvement. The Professional Standards will be published at the end of the project as a valuable resource and good practice guide for all those working in coordinator and activator roles in social sport. Finally, the working part of preparing the training program guide was addressed: the partners participating in the pilot seminars organized in Italy and the United Kingdom updated the rest of the group on two successful events that gathered positive feedback from operators and social sports executives. An innovative knowledge and skills document that outlines relevant skills for each key role and occupational standards has been developed in order to be useful to education and training providers. The group discussed this new cross-sectional and action-based knowledge and skills and agreed that it would be a valuable resource for those developing training programmes. Leeds Beckett University has also produced a module base with examples of learning outcomes. (Rafaela Kyodo Karpinski)

Source: National UISP

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