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Uber svela cosa faranno e come si sposteranno gli italiani a San Valentino thumbnail

Uber reveals what Italians will do and how they will act on Valentine’s Day

Uber conducted a special Valentine’s Day survey. According to the results of this survey, Ben 65% of respondents in Italy said they have a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day This year, 51% chose to spend this special evening at home. On the other hand, only 28% will go to the restaurant. 8% will take the “Between the Places of the Heart” tour.

How will Italians spend Valentine’s Day?

regarding valentine’s day moves, nearly 60% of Italians chose four wheels and traveled with their own car, car sharing, taxi or Uber. Only 4% would choose a scooter and only 1% would choose a scooter or bike. 37%, on the other hand, would focus on a romantic outing.

to me Not relatedInstead, San Faustino is celebrated with a dinner with friends in 35% of cases. Notably, 28% will go looking for a partner for the upcoming Valentine’s Day and 40% choose to spend the party with their family. For travel, individuals prefer the car in 47% of cases. While walking gets 45% of the preference.

Uber comment

Lorenzo PeredoAnd The head of Uber in ItalyAnnounce: “These are the occasions when people seek maximum comfort all day long, even in transportation. Accompanying lovers and singles on the streets of cities on their day of celebration, being a part of their experience, without realizing it, is a fun part of our profession”

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