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Uber Eats kicked out thousands of foreign riders in France

Deactivation wave of passenger accounts French trade unions angered, who believe that Uber Eats’ decision is linked to slower business growth. “The decision was made without informing the workers – says Fabien Tosolini, delegate of the Union Indépendants who represents the self-employed in France but did not participate in the September 12 protest -. They woke up and found that they could not connect to the app. They no longer have an entrance“.

This was also the experience of Bassekou Cissoko, whose Uber Eats account was deactivated on July 28, 2022. The rider signed up for the platform in 2019, using someone else’s Italian ID. He explains that after two weeks of testing, Uber approved his request. Sissoko says she did it for the next three years I worked 98 hours a week Make deliveries to the platform:During Covid, when everyone was in isolation to protect themselves from illness, we gave our lives to Uber and customers“, He says.

Many riders who have seen their accounts disabled Italian ID cardsWhich cannot be used for business outside of Italy, according to a report by Thomas Unzo, president of Union Indépendants who notes, however, that as of 2018, Uber Eats has allowed couriers to use the document to create a profile. Italian identity cards are common among asylum seekers in Europe, as well as people who entered the continent by crossing the short stretch of the Mediterranean that separates North Africa from our country.


Protest in France highlights Uber Eats’ difficult relationship with unregistered workers. Connectivity apps, which are often easy to use and available in multiple languages, are an attractive opportunity for job seekers in a new country, says Moritz Altenried, a digital job seeker at Humboldt University in Berlin. “platforms too [hanno, nda] We need this manpowerOtherwise, they will struggle to find people who are willing to work under certain conditions“.

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This isn’t the first time that Uber Eats has been accused of exploiting a beleaguered workforce. in 2020, Uber Italy is over Judicial administration After a criminal investigation found that Uber Eats exploited vulnerable migrant workers. Oversight of the company was entrusted to a court-appointed commissioner, and as part of the same investigation, Uber Eats was accused of initiating “Uncontrolled torrent of appointments“During the pandemic.