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Uber compensates CGIL: €100,000 to set up a passenger assistance center in Milan

Uber compensates CGIL: €100,000 to set up a passenger assistance center in Milan

Milan. Through the compensation collected by Uber, CGIL aims to create a help center for Milan commuters. A total of one hundred thousand euros paid by the multinational civil official at the trial of his (arrested) director, Gloria Bresciani, during an extrajudicial settlement to the National CGIL and the Milan Chamber of Action. Thus, both the plaintiffs and the civilian responsible for the ongoing trial are out. With some of that money, the union plans to build a technical room for cyclists.

In particular, the Milan Chamber of Commerce (which got half the number) is currently evaluating how to create a space that will provide refreshment and assistance to the hundreds of busy riders every day on the city streets. Already, a hundred passengers, from civil parties, left the Milan trial against the director of Uber, born from the investigation of Prosecutor Paolo Storari and Gdf, last February, and received compensation totaling about half a million euros, that is from about 5 thousand euros each . And in October 2021, when the first abridged sentence of the lawsuit against a mediator arrived, gup Teresa De Pascale also decided to convert the confiscation of about €500,000 in cash into a compensation of €10,000 for each of the 44 civil messengers. Concerts and 20 thousand euros for CGIL.

In May 2020, Uber Italy, during the investigation, ended up in the judicial department. The measure was then rescinded by the Department of Prevention Measures, headed by Fabio Roya, in March 2021 after recognizing the “virtuous” path followed in terms of legality, working conditions and the safety of the Apostles.

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