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Uber, agreement for Stellantis to electrify its fleet in France

Uber, agreement for Stellantis to electrify its fleet in France

Uber has ambitions restrictive plan Electrify its fleet of cars. As we have seen recently, by 2030the American company expects A fleet consisting only of electric cars in some markets. Not only in the United States but also in Europe. In fact, Uber has announced that if it can achieve this goal, starting in 2030 only those who have an electric car will be able to register on the platform and work.

Obviously, to be able to own a 100% electric fleet, the American company needs to conclude some agreements to facilitate the access of its drivers to battery-powered vehicles. In America, for example, Uber cooperates with Hertz. Now comes the news of a new agreement concerning the ancient continent, France in particular.

In fact, Uber has been tightened Partnership with Free2Move (Stillants Corporation). As it turns out, Free2Move will help Uber convert 50% of its fleet of vehicles in France to electric models. Therefore, a very important agreement for the American company will be able to take another step forward in its electricity strategy.

However, for the Stellantis group, the agreement is important because it represents a new channel through which it can increase sales of its electric models. So, there is very interesting news given Uber’s long-term goals. At the moment, there are no other details. Therefore, we do not know that certain concessions will be made to French drivers who intend to switch to a battery-powered car.

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