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Two Tumors Removed: What Happened to America’s First Lady

Two Tumors Removed: What Happened to America’s First Lady

The surgery to remove both went well Skin lumps It involved the first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, Professor Kevin O’Connor, US President Joe Biden’s physician, said later. His wife had two cancerous skin lesions called basaliomas removed, one above her right eye and the other on the left side of her chest, discovered shortly before surgery on the former.

“He’s in a good mood.”

there White House Do you know that after the surgery?Progressing well as expected”: The first lady underwent surgery at the Walter Reed National Army Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The technique used to safely remove both tumors is called “Moss surgery”: in this particular case, a Basal cell carcinoma It is the least aggressive and most common form of skin cancer. It mainly affects elderly people who are exposed to sunlight for a long time and manifests itself as an ulcer that does not heal. Now, Jill Biden presents “He has a swelling and a bruise on his face but he is in good spirits and feeling goodHe will return to the White House in the next few hours, his spokeswoman Vanessa Valdivia told reporters.

Following a routine skin cancer check-up in early January, doctors decided to remove a small lesion above Mrs Biden’s right eye.A lot of cautionIt is reported BBC: In this way a very small incision was made above the left eyelid, as is usually done, now we are waiting for the histological examination and the tissue will be examined under the microscope.

Background on Jill Biden

As mentioned, the specific technique used requires surgeons to cut and analyze thin layers of skin until signs of cancer are detected: this is usually done in a “day hospital”, meaning patients are discharged the same day. The problem arose because Mrs. Biden was suffering from facial swelling with bruising in some places. As the broadcaster recalled, in the past the First Lady had already removed some of her skin concerns with Moss surgery, even before her husband became the President of the United States. More than three and a half million Americans suffer from this problem each year, due to the frequency with which it occurs: step Foundation For skin tumors, this pathology is continuous but slow growing, but, if treated early, it becomes curable and the resulting damage is minimal.

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