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Two people were injured in clashes between Serbian and England fans – Euro 2024


This is the initial toll of two wounded people, a policeman and an England national team fan, who were injured in the head and taken in an ambulance, according to what was reported by the Guardian newspaper and other British media outlets, about the violent clashes between Serbia and Serbia. England fans started around 3pm in Gelsenkirchen city centre.

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The attackers were rioters who started throwing chairs and bottles towards the Serbs. The police intervened by sending 200 officers, and no arrests have been made so far.

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However, the policeman and the fan, who appears to be originally from Birmingham, were reported to have suffered “serious head injuries”.

Gelsenkirchen has 30,000 English fans, but only 20,000 of them have tickets for the match, and more public order problems are feared.

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