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Two important oncological interventions have been implemented in synergy between departments -

Two important oncological interventions have been implemented in synergy between departments –

Two surgeries were recently performed at Biella Hospital regarding related oncological diseases, in synergy between the complex structure of obstetrics, gynecology, general surgery and urology. The two operations were successfully completed last February, highlighting the value of multidisciplinary cooperation for the benefit of patients thanks to the professionalism of ASLBI specialists, but also the interest in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases not after the difficulties and limitations due to the pandemic period.

Surgery was performed on a woman who had a large tumor in the ovary, the mass of which was about 20 cm, which, by pressing on the abdomen, also complicated the patient’s breathing and movement. The case required joint action by Bianca Mastorzo, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and for the bowel part by Roberto Polastri, Director of Oncology and General Surgery, with their respective teams. The operation allowed a complete surgical solution with no residual tumor. Once fully recovered, the patient was discharged from the hospital a few days later for chemotherapy.

“The intervention was an example of managing complexity from a multidisciplinary point of view,” emphasizes Mastorzo, who then focuses on the importance of prevention. “Ovarian cancer can be taken care of right away – he explains – I invite women with chronic abdominal symptoms to go to the gynecologist for an evaluation visit and possibly for helpful examinations such as a pelvic ultrasound.”

As for the second case, it concerns a woman who experienced a large enlargement of the uterus associated with heavy menstruation. After investigations, it was suggested that a hysterectomy be performed on the patient, but during instrumental examinations in view of the operation, kidney cancer was discovered that had no symptoms yet. In addition to removing the uterus, the situation therefore requires a synergistic intervention from Stefano Zaramella, Director of Urology, to remove the kidney tumor. Everything was done laparoscopically, for the benefit of the patient in the postoperative cycle.

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“The management of the patient, who is now out of danger, was the result of collective action – Mastorzo comments – the case once again highlights the fundamental importance of regular prevention, especially in this moment following the epidemic, which has led so many people to neglect themselves and to leave so many of time passes before the visits are made periodically.” On the prevention of gynecological diseases and the promotion of gender medicine, ASLBI joined the H-Open Week on Women’s Health, organized by the Onda Foundation nationally from April 20-26, marking the National Women’s Health Day calendar on April 22, 2022.

The healthcare company will partner with obstetrics and gynecology specialists in outreach activity by proposing three initiatives to citizens on many topics: nutrition and pregnancy, menopause, and screening for gynecological cancers in old age.

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