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Two arrested boys have escaped from Bekaria

Two arrested boys have escaped from Bekaria

Two boys have escaped from the Beccaria juvenile prison in Milan. It happened around 3:30 pm on Friday. Generino de Fazio, general secretary of the prison police union Uilpa, gives this news: “Two prisoners, apparently minors and of foreign origin, escaped from the streets around 3.30 p.m., climbed over various fences and are believed to have managed. Reach the station of the subway, the prison police and other law enforcement “Searches are underway by agents,” De Fazio writes.

This is not the first time this has happened. On May 30, a prisoner escaped while being transferred to a community. On May 19, another boy escaped from the prison, but was soon caught nearby. 2022 Christmas 7 prisoners escape and their subsequent capture is the most sensational episode.

“The few and inconsistent measures taken to protect the penal institution for minors in Milan have had no concrete effect”, Di Fazio commented: “We ask ourselves what else should happen in prisons, adults and minors. Serious measures.”

Beccaria has recently hit the headlines for more serious allegations in which more than 20 prison guards have been charged, including beatings and torture. It has been revealed in recent days that 20 more youths who were allegedly abused are being investigated.

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