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Jok3r Bannato da twitch!

Twitch loses 90 pcs, Jok3r is banned! what did he do?

Twitch bot subscriptions are starting to be a real problem for the streaming platform. This phenomenon did not even exclude the operator JOK3R, one of the most famous Italians on the purple T who, apparently, would have decided to ban it.

But what does bot subscription have to do with JOK3R? Also in his profile there were subtitles, which led to the shadow from the player’s account. But what does this mean for him?

It all started from there

The shadowban does, for starters, not ban a streamer’s profile on Twitch, however It is forbidden To find his channel through the search engine. To access a shadowbanned account, you must necessarily use a direct link.

Furthermore, the shadowban’s decision was made by the platform shortly after that Ended the partnership agreement with JOK3R. However, the situation seemed to become stable last night, until trying to access via the mobile app, the broadcast channel stopped working.

Ban confirmation

At this point, users have tried to access the same thing via PC but to no avail. Attempting to enter the JOK3R channel, in fact, you are redirected to a screen reporting a channel that is blocked due to Violation of the guidelines by Twitch.

However, social networks are a powerful information tool, and the operator uses it to leave a message for his followers. On Instagram, he would confirm that his channel has been banned from the streaming platform. The letter talked about a Banned indefinitely from Twitchafter raising the shadow.

Reason for ban

The first reason that comes to mind is precisely the cause of the sub-barrels. But exactly what does that mean? Basically, they are Amazon Prime subscriptions are created by botsbought in stock and gifted to a streamer to increase his income and viewership.

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Unfortunately, the streamer was unable to contact Twitch support, which was confirmed by many streamers who, even in the past, had similar issues with the platform. JOK3R for its part, He denies that he bought the sub drums But, on the contrary, he was accusing his haters of having done it to be, as it were, an indefinite ban.