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Tuesday the 27th will be showing another show, it will be the most amazing of 2021. Weather forecast »

Pink Superman: Tuesday the 27th will be showing another show, which will be the most amazing of 2021. Weather forecast

Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th April, Super Luna RosaDuring the evening of Tuesday April 27th, we will still be able to observe Supmon Pink, More amazing From 2021.

But what does this mean? You have one Super moon When the satellite is in the full moon phase (full moon) and at the same time at the closest point to the Earth (perigee).
On this occasion, we may notice that the moon will be slightly larger (8-10% larger) than normal, so its brightness will be greater (15% more).

But why is it pink? Of course we will not see a pink moon, but this name, as is often the case, was given by Native Americans. The name and color are due to pink musk, or from wild phlox, which is a very common flower in America that resembles hydrangeas and has a distinctive pink bloom that predicts the spring of other flowers.
This year the minimum distance (Bigio) That will reach our satellite will be really interesting, that is, from the suns 357,378 km. This number exceeds the number of Super Moon for 2020 (the largest in the last year). That is why it will be the event amazing He deserves to be appreciated in all his majesty.

the term “Super moonFormulated by an astronomer in 1979 (Richard Knoll), which is why it is not seen well by the scientific community, in fact astronomers prefer to refer to this phenomenon with the less expensive term “perigee.” The first term refers to the period in which the moon is closest To Earth, the term “sygyzy” is used instead to refer to the alignment of three celestial bodies belonging to the same gravitational system.

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The next giant moon will be on May 26On this occasion in most parts of the world (unfortunately not in Italy), it will also be possible to observe it Total eclipse.

Weather conditions: Unfortunately in the north and in many areas of the center, cloudy or rainy skies will prevent observation. The southern regions and the two main islands will have a better chance.