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Tuchel calls Rabiot, what Juve wants from Chelsea

Tuchel calls Rabiot, what Juve wants from Chelsea

Turin Sirens from England for many because the pound remains strong despite everything and attracts the prime minister. We wrote about De Ligt, waiting to meet Juventus to renew, and we also highlighted him Rabbit. With one essential difference: the Dutch never asked to sell them, as the French did. Or at least that’s what they say outside of the Alps, given that the Juventus-managed midfielder wouldn’t have spoken directly in reality. It is known that there is a long hand for mother Veronique who not only protects her son, but also plays the role of an agent. Then something moves around the French, who were a staple of Maximilian cheerful, an item to focus on and urge to bring out the best: so much so that if he were to stay in Continassa, Rabiot would theoretically be one of the owners of the Conte Max. In the last season, some signs arrived, despite the ups and downs, however, it seems that Rabiot wants and could change the atmosphere, just one year after the natural expiration of the contract. From France, in fact, rumors of his departure from Juventus are bouncing more and more insistently, but in England the main attention must be focused, and from there come the greatest interests. He wrote about Manchester United The path remains impassable, but in the past few hours another path has progressed, the one that leads to Chelsea. Because there, in London, Thomas twitchwho had already contacted Rabiot to understand the situation and who would be ready, in rebuilding the Blues, to embrace the boy he had already trained and raised at the time of PSG (…)

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How much does Juve ask?

(…]The Bianconeri, despite the contract expiring in 2023, do not seem willing to cut orders, starting with a valuation of 20 million and finally working on the formula and bonuses. Other English tracks do not seem viable and above all do not attract Attention of the player, who intends to compete next season with the Champions League and thus in a club qualified for the largest European competition (thus excluding the generous and ambitious Newcastle.) Rabiot, among other things, would be one of the potential pawns to exchange with Atletico Madrid to reach the return of Morata’s many, but The track never heated up (…)

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From France: “Juventus and Rabiot want to leave Turin”