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Pagelle TS - Handanovic e Brozovic rimandati, Barella illumina San Siro. Lampi del vecchio Dzeko

TS Report Cards – Handanovic and Brozovic postponed, Barilla lights up San Siro. Flashes of old Dzeko

It’s Nicolo stretcherEurogol author and assistant, the best in the field of Inter vs. Cremonese In report cards developed by editors Tuttosport. Handanovic And the Brozovic Promote the couple is not enough Dzeko Korea Posted by insatiable From the first minute.

HANDANOVIC 5.5.1 Update Look at Okereke’s shot: objectively he can do something.
Screenyar 6 First half without a push, Okereke is an uncomfortable client, even if he doesn’t risk until 19 minutes into the second half, when he clears the delay and gives Dessers a chance, who pardons him. He started again a few minutes later saving up at Zanimacchia.
De Freij 6 Focused, even Dessers sometimes expect it.
Demarco 6 Back in the three with the Sticks at rest for the derby, but the pointers are pushing and creating play. It is located in front of it, and behind it sometimes allows spaces. D’Ambrosio (27th Street) 6 calm.
Dumfries 6.5 He has space and is exploiting it, to the point where he clearly wins the duel with Under21 Quagliata. Clever on the 2-0 occasion when instead of the cross, he firmly supports Correa’s low shot, displacing the defense. Bellanova (35th Street) 6 First appearance in the Nerazzurri with sober descendants.
7.5.1 . stretcher Target is the pearl of one of the most beautiful start to the season for coordination and strength. Compared to the first races, he moves more, exchanging positions with Calhanoglu. He is also the protagonist 1-0 in the round that turned the field and in the 3-0 match with Lautaro taking off.
BROZOVIC 5.5.0 Update Alvini, like all the other coaches now, puts a man on his shoulders (Escalante). The Croatian suffers from marking and is barely noticeable. Aslani (27th Street) 6 Applause for many plays, he has the audience on his side.
Calhanoglu 7 He starts strong, wants and immediately steals three balls. Then he goes to the offensive stage and finds plots similar to those of last season. Good help for Barilla.
Darmin 6 A favorite of the Gosens, he’s not quite as relaxed as he is, but he’s trying to make his own thing. Goossens (35th Street) sv.
DZEKO 6.5 The “old” Eden flashes: Banks and plays first to expand the game; As usual, he lacks a killer instinct under the door. Radu deprives him of a 1-0 win, but when pressing there is “Toko”.
RUNS 6.5 Lively and cheerful, even if he fails to play often. On goal is a bird of prey. Inzaghi takes it out after 55 minutes, so is it his turn in the derby? Martinez (10th Street) 6.5 For twenty minutes it appears and disappears, then here 3-0, strength and accuracy.
Annex 7 . Inzaghi Flashes of Inter ’21-22 and the suspicion that the team without Lukaku has found old truths come. Still beyond doubts.

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