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Trump will run for President of the United States, with an announcement after the 2022 midterms

Trump will run for President of the United States, with an announcement after the 2022 midterms

The inattention of the official British press. The official announcement of the US President, who is running for a third term in the White House, should come before ‘Thanksgiving’.

Donald Trump Will come back to run to White House And the official notification will come later Mid-term 2022. Inattention is authoritative Reuters, It cited anonymous advisers close to the former US president. After a win against Hillary Clinton in 2016 and a loss four years later Joe BidenTrump is trying for a third term, aiming to return to the ‘Oval Office’ in Washington in 2024.

Reuters highlights how the New York president has been hitting all of his key aides with phone calls to assess all possible scenarios and understand the best time for an announcement. In the meantime, he wants to capitalize on the predictable victories of Republicans ‘Mid-term’ elections According to three of his advisers, Tuesday, November 8, was scheduled.

“I think she is drawn like a moth to a fire, Trump will run in 2024“a senior adviser told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.” I think he wants to run away and make an announcement. Thanksgiving giving him a huge advantage over his opponents.

So the strategy is to play ahead of his opponents and establish himself as a contender in a few weeks. “A source familiar with Trump’s plans said he plans to announce his re-election campaign after Tuesday’s election and has surveyed his potential team,” Reuters writes.

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According to the latest polls, the 2022 mid-term Republicans Get majority in RoomGood opportunity to take control Senate. So they will certainly try to influence President Biden’s foreign policy, not only with the aim of changing his course of action, but also trying to block his electoral agenda in view of the presidential election in November 2024.